Clubfit Golf Covid-19 'Return to Golf' Policy

Drive Range Use:


  • Range use will be controlled to allow for social distancing. This will mean a maximum of 5 people will be allowed on the driving range at any one time
  • Baskets will be provided in the shop where they will be sanitised before & after use
  • Driving Range users will be notified of 'Safe Use' procedures before proceeding
  • We ask all users wash their hands as per guidance after using the range
  • The ball dispenser area will be cleaned frequently and the ball washing station will be sanitised before & after use by collection staff


Short Game Area Use:

  • All Flags will be removed from the short Game Areas
  • Holes will be adjusted to allow for no contact if needing to touch the hole
  • Please do not handle the balls, Use the tubes to collect. However, if you do need to handle a ball, please use wipes provided to sanitise the ball.
  • A limit of 3 users on the short chipping area and 2 users on the pitching area will be in place at all times.
  • Tubes handed out via the Pro Shop will be sanitised before & after use
  • We ask all users to wash their hands as per guidance when using these areas.


Professional Shop:

  • Other than staff only 2 people will be allowed in the shop at any one time
  • The door will remain open at all times
  • If the shop is full, please wait for someone to leave by using the marked queue provided
  • Please use the dispenser outside of the shop to sanitise your hands before entering
  • Staff will wash hands regularly and frequently sanitise areas throughout the shop
  • Sanitiser wipes will be provided for use after transactions
  • Please adhere to our walkway in the entrance area of the shop. Signage will clearly display how to approach our desk and leave the shop
  • Please feel free to browse as normal; any items touched will be sanitised.
  • Staff will be on hand to help as normal, offer advice and help with your purchases.
  • Please try to use card or your shop account for payments where possible
  • A protective screen will be in place at the shop counter.
  • Rental trolleys will be available. Handles will be removed and sanitised between each use
  • Electric Rental Trolleys will also be available with a strict cleaning procedure in place before and after use
  • Buggies will be available but with only 1 person using at any one time. A strict cleaning procedure will also be in place between uses. (from 18/5/20)



  • Lessons will be available as normal but social distancing measures will be adhered to
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the shop and all customers will be reminded to wash their hands thoroughly before their lesson/fitting
  • The fitting studio will be marked out to keep you aware of 2m social distancing measures that we are adhering to
  • The studio door will remain open during lessons & fittings
  • All areas and balls will be sanitised between lessons
  • All fitting components/clubs will be sanitised after every use with alcohol sanitising wipes. This will also extend to any teaching aids such as alignment sticks.
  • Lessons will be taken outside of the studio as much as possible.
  • Our coach's will sanitise their hands between lessons

Lessons can be booked as normal via or via the Shop. Please respect continue to follow government guidance on social distancing measures, keeping your hands washed and respect one another & all members of staff.